Virtual Office in Ireland

Virtual Office in Ireland

Updated on Wednesday 17th April 2019

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Foreign investors interested in having a business presence on the Irish market can now choose the services provided by a virtual office in this country.  A company from abroad, interested in opening a business in Ireland, can opt for a virtual office, which is a physical office, equipped with the necessary tools needed for business communication
A virtual office is equiped with modern means of communication, that are useful especially when developing a remote business, and it also provides a reputable business address. By choosing this type of office, an entrepreneur won't have the same costs  as in the case of a classic office, related to utilities, equipment, rent and taxes. Our team of attorneys in Ireland can provide you with several virtual office services.

Virtual office services in Ireland 

When opening a business in Ireland that operates through a virtual office located in an Irish city, an investor should ask for the professional advice of an Irish law firm, which can provide you with a virtual office package that incorporates a set of services useful when operating a company, as follows: 
  • • a local phone number for inbound and outbound calling, available for any city the client is interested to set his or her operations;
  • • a registered office in a reputable area of an Irish city, indispensable when opening a company in Ireland;
  • • a well-recognized business address in Ireland, that can be used for postal and email services;
  • personalized voicemail services – in accordance with the client’s needs and business profile;
  • collecting and forwarding mail - this will be sent to our clients according to their preferences (mail, e-mail or fax);
  • • incoming and outgoing fax services our clients can use our fax services for immediate collection of documents.
If you are interested in all the services that can be provided by a virtual office, our Irish lawyers will present to you a personalized list of facilities, tailored in accordance to your business needs, as they may vary depending on the specific activities developed by the respective company.  
The following video offers a short presentation on the virtual office in Ireland:

Our law firm in Ireland can assist clients in choosing the services of a virtual office established in Dublin, but also in other parts of the country. When you decide to open a company in Ireland, our local lawyers can assist with in-depth advice on the registration procedure and may offer legal representation for incorporating a business in Limerick or Cork, other two main business destinations in this country. 

The space designed for a virtual office in Ireland is equipped with all the necessary communication tools internet services, printing and photocopying machines, business telephones, meeting rooms and other types of facilities. Our Irish law firm can provide other services, if your company may need them.

The main advantages for opening a virtual office in Ireland

When opting for the services of a virtual office in Ireland, a businessman can benefit from a set of advantages, which are not applicable to a traditional business office. For example, when working through a virtual office, the productivity of the company will increase, due to the fact that the company’s employees will no longer have to spend time on the commute.

The virtual office is a suitable option for the investors and the employees who are considering working in a more flexible manner. This has also positive effects on the retention rate of the employees and it decreases the number of leaves requested by the company’s employees.

A virtual office also offers a good location where investors can meet with their business clients or with the employees and this offers a professional image of the company operating on the Irish market. This option is highly recommended for investors who have set up a start-up business, as a part of the company’s capital can be invested in other strategic sectors, as opposed to starting a company through a traditional office, where relevant investments are related to the company’s office. When choosing the virtual office, the investor will only pay for the selected services.

We advise you to contact our law firm in Ireland for assistance on the services of a virtual office. Our Irish lawyers will put at your disposal all the necessary details for the process of purchasing this types of services and can assist with information on the main documents that are to be completed in this case.