How to Obtain Irish Citizenship

How to Obtain Irish Citizenship

Updated on Tuesday 25th October 2016

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How-to-Obtain-Irish-Citizenship.jpgThe Irish citizenship can be obtained through several legal options. They may depend on the time spent by a foreigner in Ireland or whether the person has relatives who are Irish citizens. In this sense, the procedure for obtaining the Irish citizenship can differ and it is advisable to receive legal assistance from our lawyers in Ireland, who can ease and intermediate the process. 

Legislation referring to Irish citizenship 

All the regulations referring to the Irish citizenship are included in the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Acts (1956 – 2004). The main aspects referring to citizenship are included in the Part II of the Act, which prescribes the legally recognised ways thorough which a person can become a citizen of Ireland
As a general rule, most of the persons fall in the following categories: 
Irish citizenship obtained through birth or descent;
becoming a citizen of Ireland through naturalisation;
obtaining the citizenship though marriage with an Irish citizen
Please note that a person who was born on the Irish territory is not automatically entitled to receive the Irish citizenship. Our Irish lawyers can provide in-depth information on this topic, which prescribes, for example, that persons who were born before 2005 are entitled to receive the Irish citizenship, while for those born after this year, the regulations are slightly different. 

Register for citizenship in Ireland  

The main institution which handles matters referring to citizenship in Ireland is the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service, working under the supervision of the Department of Justice and Equality. 
In the case of the foreigners living in Ireland, they can apply for citizenship obtained through naturalisation, and in this sense, they have to respect several requirements. Amongst them, we mention the following: 
the person can prove that he or she has been living at a recognised address in Ireland for at least one year before the application date;
the person has been living in Ireland for at least 8 years; 
he or she is of good character; 
his or her minimum age is at least 18 years old. 
The Irish authorities impose a fee for this procedure, which can vary in accordance with the type of citizenship the person is requesting, but also on the age of the applicant (minor or adult). 
We invite persons who want to obtain the citizenship in Ireland to contact our Irish law firm for legal representation and advice on the procedure.