Forensic Accounting in Ireland

Forensic Accounting in Ireland

Updated on Tuesday 13th September 2016

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Forensic-Accounting-in-ireland.jpgBusinessmen who have to perform an extensive analysis on their company’s documents can appeal to the services of a forensic accountant, who is a person with an extensive knowledge gathered from many disciplines, including accountancy. Forensic accounting services are usually necessary when the company is involved in a trial in which various corporate matters are being verified. Our team of Irish lawyers can provide an in-depth presentation on the main forensic accounting services available here. 


What is forensic accounting in Ireland? 

Forensic accounting in Ireland represents a combination of several disciplines, such as accounting and audit, which also include investigative procedures. This combination of disciplines is necessary for the forensic accountant when performing an in-depth analysis on a company’s financial documents
The work performed by the forensic accountants can be used by the judges during a trial to establish and test various grounds which were brought to the court, with the purpose to resolve various disputes that can arise between numerous entities, such as the employees of a company and the employers, or between two legal entities which have entered a commercial contract; our law firm in Ireland can offer more details on this matter. 

The responsibilities of a forensic accountant in Ireland 

The investigative procedures performed by the forensic accountant are very important and they involve a complex interpretation on all the company’s documents, if it may be the case. 
 Forensic accountants can work in various fields, such as insurance, banking, governmental agencies and many others. 
The main responsibilities of a forensic accountant are the following: 
analyze the financial evidence
creating computer applications which can provide a better interpretation on the investigation;
creating reports to present their findings;
present the report in front of an Irish court;
preparing presentations to offer a better understanding on the results of the investigation.
Persons interested in receiving more details on the main forensic accounting services available in Ireland can address to our Irish law firm